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Bregninges Grønne Løber - Hiking trails

Explore Bregninge's beautiful hiking trails and enjoy the green landscape.

In Bregninge you'll find a network of nature trails and old church paths just waiting to be experienced and enjoyed by anyone who appreciates the special energy and peace of nature. The trails are open to everyone and the routes are marked with wooden posts with small crosses to help you find your way.

The first route runs in the area behind Bregninge Gæstgiveri and the Ærø Soap Company, both of which have added land so that nature-loving guests can now walk along the established trails and enjoy nature, waterholes and views of the blue Baltic Sea. There are benches along the route so you can enjoy the beautiful views or take a coffee break during the walk.

If you follow the second route, you'll enter the lush, newly planted forest that was established by the Bundgaarden landowners in 2015. Despite its young age, the forest is already a green haven for people and wildlife. The walk takes just over half an hour at a leisurely strolling pace.