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Bricks Tell – The Story of Esrum Abbey

Dive into the past with Esrum Kloster and Møllegård's new exhibition, "MURSTEN FORTÆLLER," as you are invited to explore 900 years of Danish history through abandoned artefacts and aesthetic photographs from March 23. 

Experience the red bricks narrating diverse lives that have shaped both the history and architecture of the monastery. Get up close to historical objects and feel the echoes of various daily lives behind the thick monastery walls.

On March 23, Esrum Kloster and Møllegård opens a new exhibition called "MURSTEN FORTÆLLER" (The bricks tell a story) in the monastery cellar.

Explore the monastery, which carries 900 years of Danish history. In the exhibition, you can closely study historical artefacts left by people over time on the monastery's premises. These objects are small echoes telling the stories of diverse everyday lives behind the thick monastery walls.

Visitors can get up close to historical artefacts left by people overtime on the monastery's premises. These objects represent small echoes, bearing witness to the different daily lives that unfolded behind the thick monastery walls.

From Monastery to Royal Hunting Lodge

Esrum Kloster has been home to a diverse range of people, from Catholic monks to the powerful royal lineage. Even poor children and refugees have found refuge within the monastery's walls, and a solitary lady-in-waiting has called this diverse house her home. These people's lives are reflected in the rooms, floors, and especially in the distinctive red bricks.

Practical information:

  • Adults: DKK 95
  • Children 5–18 years: DKK 65
  • Children 0–4 years: Free

The monastery is more than just a building from the Middle Ages; it is a fusion of different houses with various functions, clearly illustrated in the transitions between rooms. A massive concrete floor meets warm oak planks, and expressive frescoes lie close to the king's private spiral staircase.