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BRØD - Kræs for smag

BRØD- Danish Bread Studio brings the past bread culture, craftsmanship, and excellent service to the present busy society. Come and share the experience with us.

At BRØD, we believe that our guests deserve only the best ingredients. Therefore, we use butter, real chocolate, our own sourdough, homemade pre-ferments, and long-fermented bread. We don't just sell bread; we offer good craftsmanship, quality ingredients, taste experiences, and a cozy café atmosphere.

The delicious bread and pastries are crafted in the studio; you have the opportunity to follow the process and enjoy the aroma as the different products are baked. Our products are unique because they are butter-baked, ensuring they stay fresh and delicious for a longer time.

At BRØD, we believe in the saying "little, but good," and that's precisely why we have chosen to focus on gourmet and bread craftsmanship.