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Brokholm Sø

Brokholm lake

Brokholm lake is a recreated nature area which, together with the nearby meadow area, was completed in 1999.

You can walk along the east side of the lake or in the nearby forest area.

There is a public toilet, barbecue area, campfire hut and a handicap-friendly path to the lake. Approved for wheelchair users.

P: Brokholm Naturcenter (N 56 ° 43.420 ', E 9 ° 5.558')
L: 1.3 km
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Brokholm lake

Brokholm lake is a restored natural area which, together with the nearby meadow, was completed in 1999.


By the lake the old pump house is arranged for a bird observation tower, there are hiking trails on a piece of the east bank leading to a view and rest area.
In the forest, there are further marked hiking trails and riding trails.
There are three parking spaces - one has a cozy barbecue area. At the nature center there is a primitive campsite, as well as an exhibition about the place's cultural history.

The lake:

The lake is with its approx. 83 ha and approx. 2 m max depth, a relatively low lake which with large flat areas is a favorite habitat for both migratory and breeding waterfowl and waders.
In addition, it also acts as a valuable filter for the nutrients before the outlet in Hinderup Å and finally into the Limfjord.

The swamp:

One of the most important tributaries to the lake comes from Gåsemosen, which is an old peat excavation area. The state now owns approx. 2/3 of the swamp or approx. 38 ha. It also constitutes a valuable natural area, which is the basis for other bird and animal species.

Havbjerg Forest:

When the negotiations on the lake reestablishment started, the local team expressed a wish to have it supplemented with a forest on the ridge east of the lake. This is now planted with deciduous and coniferous trees in different mixing ratios adapted to the different soil types.
The entire area now constitutes a unique natural site.

Salling, known for its lack of forests, has now been given a forest, and together with the lake, the swamp and the surrounding agricultural land, a biotope has been created, which contains a rich variety of animals, plants, and insects.

Memories of the past:

The area has been inhabited since ancient times. During the planting of the forest, numerous traces of ancient settlements were found - post holes and house plots. A building was excavated in the lake - a watermill from the Middle Ages on the so-called castle bank at the lake's outlet in Hinnerup Å.

P: Brokholm Naturcenter (N 56 ° 43.420 ', E 9 ° 5.558')
L: 1.3 km
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Suggestion for a 5 km hike: