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Bunker tour at Houvig Fortress with Ringkøbing Fjord Museum

Feel the sand under your feet, the fresh wind in your hair and experience the remnants of a not-too-distant past when Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum offers a bunker tour at Houvig Fortress, north of Søndervig. On the bunker tours, you can hear the history right where it took place.

Today, visitors from near and far explore the dunes and swim on the beach. When the Second World War raged and Denmark was occupied, it was soldiers who walked the dunes and patrolled the beach. It was also here that the occupying forces built their bunkers, a huge fortress complex that was part of the Atlantic Wall that would stretch from the French-Spanish border in the south to northern Norway. The Atlantic Wall was designed to prevent the Allies from entering mainland Europe.

Today, the bunkers stand as a reminder of the 5 dark years, but also as a historical monument you can get up close to - and enter! On the bunker tours, we pass through the area where the Houvig Fortress once stood. Many of the bunkers are still visible, while others are more or less hidden in the dunes.

Practical information

Meeting point: Sortebærdalen car park at Houvig Strand, approx. 4 km north of Søndervig.

Price: Adults: DKK 99. Children and young people (3-17 years): DKK 49.

Please note: limited places! Remember to dress for the weather. It can be cold and windy along the coast.

The tour takes place in a hilly dune landscape and is not suitable for people with walking difficulties.