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Bust in front of Vejen Railway Station

In front of Vejen Railway Station the bust of the “founder” of the city, Johannes Lauridsen (1847-1920), is placed. The bronze bust was set up in 1928 and later moved to its present location.

Johannes Lauridsen was a farmer and manufacturer at a time where the development of farming happened hand in hand with the development of traffic and industry. He grew up at the native farm Grønvang, which is today situated in the centre of Vejen City, approx. 0.5 km vest of the railroad station. Grønvang was at that time run together with two other farms. Next to the farming he ran a factory which produced drainage and a dairy. In 1878 he started the production of chicory, which was in former times used as a replacement for coffee. Later the margarine factory Alfa was added, a machine factory and a roofing felt factory. The central location next to the railroad across Jutland was a good location for running a business. The Entrepreneur, Johannes Lauridsen, was also co-founder of the Banken for Vejen og Omegn. So, with his enterprise he left his important mark on the urban landscape that we can see today. Both roof felt and margarine are still produced in Vejen.

Johannes was politically active, as well, with a basically patriotic and Grundtvigian mind.