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Buur Ting og Tøj

Buur Ting & Tøj is an exciting boutique and coffee bar in the centre of Tranebjerg – the capital of Samsø.

The store combines fashion and interiors with well-known Danish brands; Part Two, Masai, Sibin Linnebjerg, Birkenstock, Beck Søndergaard, AJ117project, House Doctor, Bloomingville, Pernille Corydon, Depeche, Mos Mosh, Shoe the Bear, Rue de Femme, Co´couture, Ilse Jacobsen, Gorridsen and many more.

Coffee Bar:
Located just next to the boutique and as neighbour to the city’s beautiful old town hall, also called Rosens Hus (the Rose House), as it was designed by the famous Danish architect Anton Rosen.

The coffee bar serves good coffee, cake, soda, etc. And in the summer milkshakes and old-fashioned ice cream cones. It offers Wi-Fi network in the coffee shop.