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Café at Ærø Soap Company

In the village of Bregninge, at Ærø Soap Company you will also find a cozy café.

Ærø Soap Company's café in Bregninge is a self-service café.

It is housed inside the farm that has a 5-hectare natural plot with flowers, a lake and a labyrinth. The simple menu offers cake, ice cream, coffee and soda, to enjoy in the cozy courtyard.

Ærø Soap Company's production of beautiful soaps and the cafe are in the same place, thus children can make their own soaps from the workshop's many soap scraps. A really pleasant activity for children of all ages, and which you also get a delicious result from.

Farm shop, workshop and online shop
You will also find the cutest farm shop, where you can stock up on Ærø Soap Company's fine soap products - or buy them online at Ærø Soap Company's website.

Tip: ask Susanna and John for a tour around their workshop - they are happy to show you around.

The café is a seasonal eatery. Therefore, check their website or Facebook for current opening hours.


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