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Camp Adventure

Welcome to Camp Adventure - here you will find nature experiences beyond the ordinary. Go on an adventure with the whole family and explore the iconic Forest Tower, Denmark's largest climbing park, glamping in a class of its own, and the largest flower farm in the Nordic region. Camp Adventure is in a beautiful forest area near Gisselfeld Monastery, where the scenic surroundings provide the setting for an active and fun day out for family and friends.

Start the day by trying your hand at the climbing park's 12 fun and challenging treetop courses with over 150 obstacles of varying heights and difficulty levels. There are challenges for both beginners and experienced climbers, adults, and children as young as 3 years old. You are guaranteed to feel a rush as you move around the quirky obstacles between the trees. You can swing and slide from tree to tree, and on the red track you'll encounter the infamous Tarzan swing, which is for the toughest few. There are fun zip lines as part of the obstacles on all courses, and you can try Denmark's longest zip line of almost 500 m, which takes you from one end of the forest to the other with a view of the creek that winds many meters below you. The youngest guests can try our obstacle course hidden in the small spruce plantation.

When you have used some energy in the trees, it is time for a refreshment. In high season, lunch can be bought from the food trucks in the courtyard of the old farmhouse. There are plenty of cozy spots around the farm, the small lake, and in the garden, where you can enjoy the food from the food trucks or your packed lunch from home. 

With renewed energy, it is time to experience the architectural gem of the forest, the Forest Tower. The iconic building, designed by EFFEKT architects, is a must-see for architecture enthusiasts and the experience is suitable for everyone. The walk up through the 12 circles of the spiral in the Forest Tower provides a unique sensation of experiencing nature from new perspectives. As you ascend, you are surrounded by the forest and get close enough to the three beech trees preserved in the center of the tower to touch them. As you ascend further up and out of the density of the forest, you will feel the wind in your face as you encounter a 360-degree view of the forest, vast fields, and towns of the South Zealand landscape.

The walk to the Forest Tower is via a 900 m long boardwalk in the forest, past and under the climbing courses, with several lookout points along the way where you can sit down and enjoy a quiet moment in the beautiful nature in which the Forest Tower is located.

At Camp Adventure you will find glamping at its best. A stay in the unique glamping tents at Camp Adventure lets you be alone in nature with the comfort of a luxury hotel. The tents are inspired by traditional yurts from the plains of Mongolia and are designed with nature in mind. Glamping in Denmark is often isolated to the summer months, but at Camp Adventure the yurts are insulated and heated and can be used all year round. Here you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find space for contemplation and indulgence. Cook your meals over fire. Enjoy bathtub or sauna with a view of the lake and the red deer grazing at the water's edge. Stargaze directly from the glass dome in the yurt right above the bed and wake up to morning coffee and the sound of the forest waking up.

At Camp Adventure you will also find the largest flower field in the Nordic region with 3 kilometers of trails between the different zones in the beautiful flower sea. Here you will also find an orchard with apples, cherries, blackcurrants, raspberries, gooseberries, and redcurrants. Pick a beautiful bouquet to end an eventful day and visit the farm shop where you'll find handicrafts, local delicacies, meat, fruit, and vegetables from own production.