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Campsite at Slaggård Banke

In the beautiful, historic, and distinctive nature at Slaggård Banke you can spend the night in this combined shelter and stargazer tower in two stories. You are also welcome to enjoy your lunch a the camp site on a hike between the many burial mounds in the area.

Sleep between burial mounds

The Vorbjerg area oozes of history. The elevated and hilly landscape is home to a large number of burial mounds which makes nature very characteristic with green hillsides and many manmade hills. Waymarked hiking routes take you around the hills Slaggård Banke and the nearby Vorbjerg Høje.

This little camp site is in connection to the route on Slaggård Banke, and you are welcome to take a break here or sleep in the shelter.


Cosy shelter with the option of closing the door

On Naldalvej, you can follow a path leading you to the shelter. Walk through the little wooden gate to enter the little camp site. The site has a fire ring with a grate, a toilet, tables, and benches. The camp site is placed in peaceful surroundings with a great view of the mounds.  

The shelter is equipped with a slide door that you can close and be completely sheltered from wind and weather. This is one of the few shelters with the option to “close the door”.

You can also take the stairs to 1st floor which offers a great view, elevated over the landscape. The tower is ideal for both stargazers and bird watchers.


Book the shelter

You have to book the shelter in advance. The shelter must be booked in six-hour time periods, but you can book consecutive periods. The price is 50 DKK per night per person. Payment via the Danish mobile payment app, MobilePay.

You can book the shelter and read more by following this link. Pick a date in the calendar at the bottom of the page.


About the hilly landscape near Underup

Slaggård Banke peaks at a height of 109 meters, offering a fantastic view over a larger area. From the top, you can see the Gudenå Valley, Ejer Bavnehøj, and Purhøj near Horsens Fjord. Nearby, Vorbjerg Høje peaks at a height of 89 meters. In the Bronze Age, it was common to place burial mounds on top of hills to honor the deceased and make the grave as visible as possible. That's why there are so many mounds in this particular area. There are 9 burial mounds at Slaggård Banke, while Vorbjerg Høje has 11. The National Museum has referred to the area as one of the most impressive mound groups in Denmark.

Today, the landscape can be explored through hiking trails in the area. You can combine routes around Slaggård Banke, Vorbjerg Høje, and the nearby school path in Nim.

In close proximity to the area are The Uncovered Bridge and the Nature Trail Horsens-Silkeborg, as well as Denmark's highest points at Yding Skovhøj and Ejer Bavnehøj.