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Canoe trip in Southern jutland

A canoe trip on the Brede River is the ideal activity for everyone, regardless of age or experience. This experience offers something for everyone, whether you are young or older, experienced or a beginner.

We offer various routes for your sailing:

  • Tour 1: This 7.5 km route takes 2-3 hours to complete and leads you through the idyllic landscape of Southern Jutland. The tour starts at Ellum Bygade and ends in Bredebro.
  • Tour 2: Lasting 4-6 hours and covering 15 km, this route takes you through varied landscapes like heaths, forests, and urban areas. The starting point is Lobækvej, ending likewise in Bredebro.
  • Tour 3: Designed for the adventurous, this route is ideal for those wanting a longer trip with the option for overnight stay in Bredebro. Spanning 27 to 35 km, this tour ends at the Wadden Sea gate in Ballum (Ballum Sluse).

During the canoe trip on the Brede River, you will have a fantastic nature experience in beautiful Southern Jutland. Enjoy the silence and the beauty of the landscape as you paddle along the river, surrounded by marsh areas. The area is known for its rich wildlife, especially birds, allowing you to observe various bird species in their natural habitat. The route gives you the freedom to choose your own pace and path. You can peacefully sail through the river's calm water while being enchanted by the changing colors and sounds of the landscape. The Brede River offers a relaxing and enriching experience for both nature lovers and adventurous souls. Hop into the canoe, embark on this unique sailing, and experience Southern Jutland in a special way.

What's included? The tour is all-inclusive:

  • Canoe (3 adults per canoe or 2 adults and 2 children)
  • Paddles for all persons
  • Final cleaning included
  • Transportation of canoes to the starting point and pickup from the endpoint.

Practical information

  • Tour 1 starts at Ellum Bygde (where the river crosses the road)
  • Tour 2 starts at Lobækvej (where the river crosses the road)
  • Tour 3 starts either at Lobækvej or at Lemmosevej