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Canoe/Kayak Trip: Nature Park "Maribo Lakes" tour


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Parking/ starting point:

54.7693 N, 11.4939 E
Parking and a small jetty for launching.

54.7658 N  11.5113 E
Parking, launching from the beach

54.7565 N 11.4895 E
Parking, you have to walk a bit with the boat.

Special conditions:

Canoeing and kayaking is permitted on most of Søndersø and in Nørresø. In the other lakes, sailing is not allowed. Disembarkation is recommended primarily on Hestø, Fruerø and Præstø owned by the Municipality of Lolland and by the Nature School. Borgø is owned by the Manor house of Engestofte. Here you may walk on the established trails according to the signs, but overnighting on the island is not allowed. The other islands are privately owned and disembarkation is prohibited. There are very changing wind conditions at Søndersø. Keep an eye on the weather forecast, and do not go out in the strong winds. Particularly by westerly winds you may experience quite large waves when sitting in a small vessel such as a canoe or a kayak. There are rocks under the surface, and the lake is generally very shallow, so please pay attention.

Protection and respect:

The area is a Natura 2000 bird sanctuary as well as wildlife sanctuary with special rules for navigation and disembarkation. The vast majority of the lakes are privately owned. There are specific rules for sailing and fishing in the Maribo Lakes. The app ”The Natural Lolland” shows your location on the map. Bring it along - and you can keep track on where you are allowed to sail and fish! During the breeding season from March 1 to June 4 it is not allowed to sail closer than 50 meters to rush and reed. It is permitted to sail to Skelsnæs from June 5 to August 31. In the south eastern end of Søndersø it is permitted to sail from June 5 to February 28 Fishing is only allowed in the northwestern part of the lake for sailors. Show respect to the birds, and do not sail into the reeds.

Tour description and experiences:

For slightly longer trips you can sail to Skelsnæs and down to the south eastern end of Søndersø, but be aware of the periods when this is not allowed. A nice place to dock is the bridge at Skelsnæs, about 5 km from the Nature School. The bridge is relatively low, but dock to one side as close to the shore as possible. From here it is possible to go on small walks in the beautiful forest. Follow the path to the left of the bridge and visit the beautiful Golden Age pavilion, where there are tables, benches and waste bins. The trip through the southern part of Søndersø is very special, and gives unique nature experiences. You will pass the small island where the archaeologist J.J.A. Worsaae in 1859 made some remarkable discoveries. From the south end of the lake there are only a few meters to the pump station and views to Hejrede Lake. Experience the ”untouched forest” by following a beautiful and short tour on a nature trail and forest tracks.