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Canoe/Kayak Trip: Tour from Nysted western direction, 19 - 45 km

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Parking / starting point:

Nysted Roklub, Strandvejen 4, 4880 Nysted

Special conditions:

Please be aware that once out of Nysted you are in open sea. Only by northern winds you will have a bit of shelter along the coast. The trip to Rødsand can only be executed during very calm weather as the return trip from Rødsand is completely open from all wind directions.

Protection and respect:

You should be aware that practically all the small islands throughout the area are nature conservation areas. The island of Lindholm is a conservation area and you are not permitted to go ashore. Access on the isthmus of Hyldekrog is forbidden from March 1 to July 15. It is not allowed to go ashore at Rødsand from March 1 to September 30. It is not allowed to sail between Sandager Harbourand Errindlev Harbour from March 1 to July 15.

Tour description and experiences:

The western trip takes you past Ålholm Forest to Stubberup harbour with a small kayak jetty in the inner harbour, and from there the turning point at Høvænge Harbour - small fishing harbour and a primitive camp site on the lawn by the harbour. If you want to disembark here, it is best on the east side of the pier. The return trip can bypass the island of Lindholm, where trespassing is forbidden due to nature preservation. There are no bigger stones on this trip if you are not too close to land when passing Ålholm Forest.

Tour further west: return trip to Hyldekrog - approx. 45 km

From Høvænge Harbour and along the coast to Errindlev Harbour, on to Hyldekrog and returning along Rødsand is a trip of approx. 45 km. There are many seals a little south west of Errindlev and you can often see Sea Eagles as well. Be careful as there are many big stones in the water and this is not a trip for beginners. There are several small harbours along the coast.