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Caroline Amalie Lund

This lovely park is located quite centrally in Horsens and is an obvious choice for a walk in some greenery. The park is the home of two exciting museums, beautiful architecture, interesting art, a playground for the young ones and many beautiful areas where you can sit and enjoy the sun.

Visit the green meeting place of the city

A few hundred metres from the shopping centre, the public park Caroline Amalie Lund is an attractive green oasis in the city centre. The lawned park is located on a hill with many beautiful old trees. Here, you can meet dog walkers, grandparents who have taken their grandchildren to the park, groups of friends who play ball or joggers who are catching up on their training.

The park contains a wealth of opportunities for activities and you can easily get a total experience from your visit when combining museum visits, lunch and play.


Explore the museums in the park

At the bottom of the park, you find Horsens Museum which has exciting exhibitions on local history covering everything from the proud son of the city Vitus Bering to archaeological finds in the Horsens area. Visiting Horsens Museum is free. The building was built by the great architect of the city Viggo Norn who was also responsible for the beautiful water tower in the park.

Further up in Lunden you find Horsens Art Museum which towers proudly near the hilltop. The museum has an impressive collection of contemporary Danish art by the greatest artists.


Art in a green setting

Outside the art museum and scattered around the park, you will find many sculptures and works of art. There is modern art by renowned artists such as Bjørn Nørgaard and Christian Lemmerz. There are several works by each - including Bjørn Nørgaard's main work, The Human Wall, which is found in front of the entrance to the museum.

The special facing of the museum was made by the artist Martin Erik Andersen. You also find wooden benches made by Save Niels and the old sculpture that Artemis bears forward the spring.


Room for play and games

In the front area of Lunden, towards Sundvej, there is a cosy, fenced playground which is frequently visited by families with children as well as day care workers, kindergartens, etc.

The playground has swings, a seesaw, balance blocks, a climbing tower, a sandbox and a slide that the children can let loose on. There is also a covered area where one can eat packed lunches and a toilet which is open from Easter until the autumn holiday.

It is also fun to play outside the playground: E.g. the large area with bushes behind the playground is good for playing hide-and-seek. Next to it, there is a sensory swing and, at the back of the park, there is a large, flat lawn (facing Østergade and Teglgårdsvej) which is ideal for ball games.


Rock in Lunden

In the large amphitheatre in Lunden, summer concerts are held featuring well-known names from the Danish and international music scene. Those cosy evenings of good music form a regular part of the summer fun for many locals. Read more about Rock in Lunden.