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Charging of electric bikes on Ærø

Get new power on your electric bike on Ærø.

When you bring your electric bike to Ærø, you can easily charge it on the island.

You will find the bicycle charging stations at Søbygaard and in the port cities of Ærøskøbing, Marstal and Søby. Precisely at the ports, the stands are set up in the immediate vicinity of the ferry berth (where the charging stations for electric cars are also located).


Ærøskøbing: Fyns Amtsavis, in front of the editorial office in a small car park, Havnepladsen 1, 5970 Ærøskøbing (electric bicycles, etc. 220 V and USB power socket).

Marstal: ÆrøXpressen's office, on the south façade, Havnepladsen 8, 5960 Marstal (electric bicycles etc. 220 V and USB power socket)

Søby: the port office and the tourist information, on the south gable towards marching booths to Fynshav, Havnen 6, 5985 Søby (electric bicycles etc. 220 V and USB power socket).

Søbygaard: the parking area behind Søbygård just opposite the waterworks on Søbygårdsvej 6, 5985 Søby (Tulip charger with wind and sun for electric bicycles etc. 220 V and USB power socket)

Charging is free and 2-4 bikes can charge at the same time.

Looking for a charging station for your electric car? You'll find them right here

Ærø has a long tradition in relation to green transformation through great involvement of the local community. Among other things, it is supported by the Ærøfonden, which in this connection is behind the initiative to establish charging outlets for both cars and bicycles - in collaboration with an ambitious network of Ærø companies.