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Children's Flee Market in Odense


Funen's largest flea supermarket for families with more than 30,000 second-hand items on display and a 50 sqm playroom.

In Børneloppen Odense, our core value is "Recycling at Children's Level". Here you will find 231 stands filled with clothes and things for children. We are especially suitable for families with children who want to make a good deal and save money, as well as help reduce CO2 consumption, since by buying recycled you reduce this significantly. See our environmental calculator at www.børneloppen.dk

We value that there is always a good environment for both children and adults when shopping with us and that everyone feels welcome, therefore we gladly take the time to guide and help the individual in the best way.

In addition, we also have a 50 sqm playroom so the kids and childlike souls can have fun while mom or dad walks around the store finding recycled gold.

In our playroom we also often organise various events, such as baby rhythmics or first aid courses for toddlers, and much more. These events are always posted on our Facebook page, as events.