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Christiansfeldguiderne - Guided tours in English in Christiansfeld

Get a completely unique insight into Christiansfeld's history and also participate in other interesting tours in the area with a guided tour with the Christiansfeld guides.

Welcome to the UNESCO town of Christiansfeld

Christiansfeldguiderne share the exciting history of this special town, which covers the history of the Moravian Church, the Reunification and the border issues. Christiansfeld is unique and most interesting and a guided tour in this town will reveal its stories and secrets.

It is our top priority to give you an extraordinary experience. With many years of experience as guides in Christiansfeld, we have a thorough knowledge of the history of the town.

We offer various guided tours and hope that you may find something of interest, too.

We also offer guided tours in English.

Best regards from  Vivi Amanda Autzen and Poul Erik Rosenberg Jespersen