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Christina Friis

Modern ceramic in a simple and contemporary design.

Christina Friis has had clay in her hands since her early youth and in 2002 she became an educated Ceramist, followed by a semester at Århus Kunstakademi (Art Academy). She creates modern ceramic in a simple and contemporary design. Form and function has pride of place, and the surfaces speak to the sense of touch.

The ceramic is serial- and theme-manufactured, but all products are entirely unique. All working processes are by hand. Some is hand-turned, some is cast, but everything is decorated and glazed by hand. 

Christina focuses on creating ceramics with a living expression, which speaks to the senses and arouses curiosity in the hand. The tactile qualities are experienced in the contrasts, which breaks on the surface between the matte and the glossy, the uneven and the smooth, in physical and structural differences.

You can find Christina's ceramics with a number of different dealers, but when in Haderslev, do not miss out on a visit to her workshop in the idyllic courtyard by the Ehlers Collection. Here, you can admire the largest collection of pottery and ceramics in Northern Europe, and buy the handmade, beautiful creations directly from Christina Friis.

The workshop is open when Christina is present of by appointment - look out for the flag outside the workshop.