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Christmas at Bakken

The world’s oldest amusement park is open during Christmas. Go explore Bakken wrapped in holiday cheer with markets, Christmas hearts, classic lunches and everything that makes a true Danish Christmas.

The old park is opening its doors for Christmas. From the 22. of November to the 22. of December, Bakken will be open every weekend Friday-Sunday, where Dyrehaven will be lit by all kinds of Christmas lights and “julehygge”.

Santa Claus, Pjerrot and the singing reindeer perform cheery shows all Christmas for the whole family. The crooked streets of Bakken will be transformed into one big Christmas market packed with exciting products and delicious home-made food and candies. Grab your friends and family and gather around a table for a classic Danish Christmas lunch in one of Bakkens many lovely cafés and restaurants.

Off course, many of the rides in the park will be open during the holidays, so that you can still go upside down in the glow of the Christmas lights.