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Christmas in Løkken

We look forward to welcoming you to Christmas at the shores of the Noth Sea, exciting shopping, great food and beautiful nature dressed in winter.


Løkken offers many pleasant activities and events in all scales. The whole family can gather for some intimate and atmospheric days, when over 100 candles are lit at Børglum Abbey, when Santa Claus comes sailing to Løkken and Christmas oozes in the streets of the town You can find more information about events right here.

Christmas dining out West

Restaurants and cafes aim to provide you a spoon full of good taste and texture. Why not try a traditional Danish Christmas feast, served with warmth and dedication. During November and December restaurants and cafes offers some good, traditional, and tasteful Christmas courses. Løkken's dining scene is acknowledged for using locally produced goods. As far you are staying for New Year’s Eve, it is possible to order a New Year’s Eve menu as take-out. You will find the places who offers New Year’s Eve menu in the bottom of this page.

Happy New Year from Løkken!

If New Year's Eve is to be held at the West Coast, you can order a New Year's menu from the local restaurants, supermarkets or from our award-winning butcher. However, be aware of when the menus must be ordered at the latest. Following offers a New Years Eve menue:

Christmas shopping in Løkken

Løkken offers a range of shops, where you have the possibility to buy gifts and Christmas presents. You can purchase products from top brands and Scandinavian brands in a wide price range. Here you will find that special thing for the special someone, whether it is for her, him, or those little ones. The shops are open both Saturday and Sunday, so you have plenty of time to walk around and browse.

Come and experience beautiful window sections with Christmas decorations and a model railway at Denmark's largest lingerie store. BlondeHuset has the some of the best collections of cozy pajama sets, beautiful laces and cotton underwear. Here, every Christmas enthusiast can enjoy gift inspiration and not least the beautiful Christmas decorations.

Christmas time at Børglum Abbey

Børglum Abbey’s Christmas events have grown over time. Now families and friends can visit the historic monument with a full four weekends of Christmas markets. Dive into the history of the monastery and discover the privacy of the Rottbøll family. Remember that you can find more activities and events in the area here.

Extremely raw and extremely beautiful

Nature can be just as beautiful and wonderful in winter as in summer. Experience the North Sea showing its teeth with lush waves over Løkken Pier and see how the water approaches the dunes.

As beautiful as the bar winter can be, Løkken can be seen from the dunes when the snow covers the old houses and paths in the town. We look forward to your visit at Christmas time in Løkken.

Rubjerg Knude

Nature is full of mystery when you move outside with winter air on your cheeks. Visit Rubjerg Knude, the mighty wandering sand dune and its lonesome lighthouse on the top.

North Shore Surf

The coast can be just as beautiful in the winter as in the summer. The cold months do not put an end to natural wellness and outdoor activities. You can go hiking, pass the time with angling, surf or enjoy the heat in a sauna with a view of the North Sea. You can read more about North Shore Surf and their saunas right here.

Christmas holiday in Løkken

If you are going away during Christmas, you can enjoy a Christmas holiday in Løkken. Light up in a stove in a lovely traditional holiday house or find the perfect apartment for you in middle of Løkken. Book your holiday in Løkken here. Our holiday home agencies and holiday center are ready to assists you.

If you need help or have any enquiries about your visit to Løkken during this season, you can visit or contact the Løkken Tourist Office.