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City Tour in Christiansfeld - Guided tours for groups

Come on a conducted tour of Christiansfeld with a guide, who in an inspiring way tells about the city's history, the Moravian Brethren in Christiansfeld  and the honey cakes, which the town is famous for.

Gathering at the Church Square with the Well
A conducted tour of Christiansfeld takes us down the straight streets past the beautiful buildings.
We are going to visit the church of the Moravian Brethren and the cemetary "God's Field", where it is quite a special feeling to walk down the perpendicular paths framed in lime trees.

Christiansfeld is a Wonderful Town
The town was planned and built by the Moravian Brethren as the headquarters of the Moravian Brethren in Denmark and is named after King Christian VII.

Architecturally seen the like of Christiansfeld is not seen in Denmark. A strict and harmonic architecture forms the framework of a calm and green town.
With its straight streets and beautiful buildings and the outstanding and beautiful church square, Christiansfeld is an architectural gem.

The Church of the Moravian Brethren
The church is characterized by simplicity. The large room(the Hall) is the largest church hall in Denmark without supporting beams and can seat approximately a thousand people.

The decoration is relatively simple. The large hall is all white, without altar, baptismal font and painting. The only decoration are the old hand-forged chandeliers from 1776. The wooden floor is untreated and sanded. There is no pulpit, however, there is a liturgy table.

The Cemetary God's Field
The cemetary of the Moravian Brethren is laid out in the shape of a cross with wide perpendicular paths framed in lime trees. There are no family burial-places, the sisters are buried to the right and the brethren are buried to the left - excactly as the congregation are seated in the church. The graves are identical as a symbol that after death all are equal.

Length: 1½ hour 
Booking: Through Museum Kolding - read more here:  Museum Kolding