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Copenhagen Visitor Service

Are you looking for inspiration and information about Copenhagen and Denmark – swing by Copenhagen Visitor Service across from Tivoli's main entrance, and just around the corner from Copenhagen Central Station. 

The experienced local staff is standing by to make your stay as eventful and pleasant as possible and can help and guide you in various ways.

Get ideas and directions for museum visits and day trips. Teleport to new locations with Augmented Reality displays. Take a bike ride or explore the Copenhagen Waterfront in Virtual Reality, and visit the house robot, Pepper.


You can also get help purchasing the Copenhagen Card in the app - giving you access to top attractions and public transport.

Visitor Service an excellent place to take a break, rest your feet in one of the lounges, enjoy a great cup of coffee and use the free Wi-Fi.


Check out the authorised tourist information points that are located around the city.


Copenhagen Visitor Service is a certified Green Tourism Organization.


We sell

  1. Sightseeing tickets

  2. Flixbus tickets

  3. Copenhagen souvenirs

  4. Stamps

We offer

  1. WiFi

  2. Digital walking tours

  3. Bike maps

  4. City maps

  5. Seasonal guides

  6. Brochures

  7. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

  8. Lots of great inspiration