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The CultureWharf in Hobro

Experience great culture, art and history at the harbor in Hobro. We call it “The Culture Wharf” and there is a reason for that! The harbor in Hobro has always been the place to go for experiences and a good time – and it still is!

The old ware-houses at the harbor have been made into museums with exhibits, cafees and a brand new Maritime Culture Center.

At the harbour lies modern coasters side by side with old wooden ships, while kayaks, sailboats and veteran cars take turn cruising along the wharf - accompanied by the cozy horn from the tourboat, Svanen, which sails between Hobro and Mariager everyday during the summer, and has a stop in Bramslev Bakker as well.

Culture, history and fun activities

At The Culture Wharf you can go on an adventure in the Pleasure Craft Museum, where you can se the old ships, that once upon a time was a part of the fjord and the life of the area. You can also make a visit to the theater Himmerlands Teater and see a play.

In Det Røde Pakhus (the red ware-house) there are a lot of events all year round. There are music festivals, food markets, art exhibitions etc.

At the harbor you can get a nice meal at some of the cafés that, without any doubt, has the most beautiful view of the town. 

Did you know…

..that in 2018 The Culture Wharf had a very unexpected visitor? Maybe the visitor had heard such great things about the area that he just had to make a visit.

He actually ended up spending 10 days just swimming around in the harbor in Hobro. The visitor was of course the big seiwhale, that got a lot of media attention in the entire country, because it is very uncommon for whales to be swimming in Denmark – especially in fjords. But he came to Hobro and sadly he passed away in the bay close to Hobro. The skeleton of the whale is now displayed at The Maritime Culture Center on the harbour. Here you an also get a closer look at the enourmous heart of the whale.