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The Customs and Border Museum

Oldemorstoft is located at the intersection of the old Hærvej and Gendarmstien in Padborg.

At farm house Oldemorstoft you can experience the 1,000-year history of the Danish customs service, which is shown in our new exhibition of the collection from the Danish Customs and Taxation Museum, where we have used the objects to tell a story about customs and border history. We also tell the story of Doctor Lorenzen from Bov, who has a very special life story marked by the border change, just as we show the story of the farm Oldemorstoft, which has roots dating back to the middle of the 15th century and has been both an inn, seat of lord bailiff and royal hostel.

Our orchard, Oldemor's Abildgård, is the result of a larger study of the orchards in Southern Jutland. When the "Danish fruit varieties" were collected, at that time, Southern Jutland was outside of it, and therefore a number of purely Southern Jutland fruit varieties are only found today, because we have been out looking for them with an old pomology in hand. Visit Oldemor's Abildgård and get to know Karen Hanse's Æble, which originates from Hejsager, or the Alsatian cooking pear Kleffeluner, which can perhaps be traced back to the 17th century.

On our beautiful green areas you can enjoy your own food, just as our cozy café sells coffee and cookies.