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Dana Cup Hjørring International Youth Soccer Tournament

Welcome to the Dana Cup – an International Youth Soccer Tournament in Hjørring, Denmark each summer.
Dana Cup is Denmark’s largest sporting event and one of the largest and top ranked youth soccer tournaments in the world.

Each summer more than 1.000 teams make their way to Northern Denmark to participate in a mind blowing youth football event.
Dana Cup uniting the youth of the world to experience their passion for football with respect, unity, equality, friendships and much more.

  • Join 1.000 teams from 45 nations
  • For an amazing youth football experience in a unique international atmosphere
  • Youth development - building team spirit individually & united as a team
  • Fantastic arena and facilities - all games played on green grassed fields
  • 20,000 participants playing in international groups
  • Kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches close by
  • A fantastic organization with top class personal customer service
  • Memories for the rest of your life – friendships across borders
  • Dana Cup Combi – Football and Family Holiday

Since 1982

  • 117 nations
  • 4,426 clubs and 29,156 teams
  • 21,667 boys' teams and 7,489 girls' teams
  • 73,305 games played
  • 311,955 goals scored
  • Over 920,000 participants

Welcome to the Dana Cup!

Watch a video from the tournament HERE