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Day trip to Danmarks Forsorgsmuseum with Ærø Tours

Visit Danmarks Forsorgsmuseum in the centre of Svendborg with Ærø Tours, who will arrange the entire tour for you.

In the centre of Svendborg is the best-preserved poor farm in the Nordic region. The poor farm was in operation from 1872 to 1974 and behind barbed wire and high walls, you can experience an important part of the history of Denmark's welfare system.

The museum opens the doors to an otherwise closed world. In this authentic setting, the museum tells stories about and with the people who lived or live on the shadow side of society: the poor, the sick, the homeless and the orphans.

Back then, when you walked through the gates of the Poor Farm, you lost your civil rights, such as the right to vote and guardianship of your children. The Welfare Department housed the needy. The Labour Department housed the undeserving. It was the system that decided which ward you were placed in.

You feel the stories and the many fates of the place as you walk around the rooms, which are still as they were when the workhouse closed in 1974. You see where the poor slept, ate, worked, washed and punished. It's a unique and powerful experience.

Book your trip to the Danmarks Forsorgsmuseum with Ærø Tours and get ferry tickets, breakfast on the ferry and access to the museum.

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