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The Deer Park at Haderslev

One of the largest deer parks in Denmark, where you can go for long walks and enjoy the view of Haderslev Lake. 



The deer park Haderslev Dyrehave is attractively located close to the western part of the lake Haderslev Dam at Nørskovgård. The deer park was established in 1994 and covers around 100 hectares. There are about 200 fallow deer and 20 red deer in the deer park and around 70 calves are born every year. There are ample opportunities to see both red deer and fallow deer, which often move around in herds and like the open areas. There are 4 entrances/gates to the deer park and a number of paths, which are also suitable for disabled visitors. You are advised to keep to these to avoid scaring the animals.

Tours of the deer park

A number of public tours take place in and around the deer park, including rutting tours in the autumn and feeding tours in the winter. Check the local press or www.udinaturen.dk.

The meeting place is usually at Nørskovgård, Nørskovgårdvej 24, 6100 Haderslev.

Facilities at the deer park

Bergs Plads is located at the north-east end, just outside the deer park. A favourite destination for visitors, it is equipped with several barbeques and tables with benches. The lake boat Dorothea also stops here on her trip around Haderslev Lake. Between Bergs Plads and Bergs Hus there is a camping area with shelters. The camping area has to be booked if you’re a group of more than 6 people – for more information use the link. There is a public toilet at Bergs Hus and drinking water is also available. At Sophie’s spring you can drink spring water of fine quality. Queen Margrethe II’s viewing point: Here you can enjoy the magnificent view over the small lake Hindemade, Haderslev town and the larger lake Haderslev Dam.