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Den Gamle By - The Old Town Museum

Embark on a captivating journey through time with your entire family in Den Gamle By - The Old Town Museum. Witness, touch, and immerse yourself in the rich history of Danish market towns across four distinct time periods: 2014, 1974, 1927, and 1864. The Old Town proudly boasts the coveted three Michelin stars in the Travel Guide, offering a testament to its excellence. Plus, enjoy complimentary admission for all visitors under 18 years old.

Summer 2024 - a trip through the streets of childhood

Throughout the summer, there's plenty to experience in the Old Town. See, touch and taste history on a journey back in time through generations of childhood streets. This year marks the 50th anniversary of 1974, which is being celebrated around the city.

Around the streets and homes you can meet the town's citizens and servants, and at the Festival Square you can take a break with an ice cream from the food stall. You can also explore people's houses and apartments - from 2014's rainbow family to 1970s collectives, 1920s modern times and the old market town with a merchant's house in the 1864 neighbourhood - and have a nice lunch in Gæstgivergården.

2014 – Our Time at the Museum

Our time has found its place in the museum. Queen Margrethe's Street, capturing a moment from the year 2014, is a bustling street with facade shops. Here, you'll discover a tanning salon, 7-Eleven, a bank, a pizzeria, and the legendary pub, Bent J, where the scent of smoke and spilled beer still lingers.

The 2014 street also features two apartments. Step inside the home of single woman Rikke and visit the rainbow family. Through interviews in the homes, meet the residents who share their lives, including stories about children, work, and everyday routines.

Denmark in the 70s

Travel back in time to the 1970s in a neighborhood with streets, apartments, shops, courtyards, and workshops from that era. In the 70s quarter, explore establishments like Pouls Radio, the radio and TV store, the convenience store, the butcher, the paint and wallpaper shop, the kindergarten, and the hairdresser. In the apartments, peek into the lives of a nuclear family, a collective, a hippie couple, and a single mother.

In the backyard, you'll find a Volkswagen and the plumber's Citroën – explore the moped workshop, scout meeting place, or backyard toilets adorned with the poetry of the time.
1950-1974: Welfare and Liberalism

Popular Cars and New Times in the 1920s

Move on to 1927, where the city has become modern with cars, sidewalks, streetlights, telephone wires, and gable advertisements. The quarter in The Old Town has a hardware store, a bookstore, Schou's soap house, a post office, a telephone exchange, and several residences from before the 1930s crisis halted Denmark. Experience the authentic car dealership 'Automobilforretning Carl Christensen' with its own workshop.

Encounter beautiful vintage cars, exhibition spaces, a shop with spare parts, and workshops for engine renovation and bicycle repairs. Get up close to the infancy of motoring and learn about the various fascinating vehicles of the time.

Once Upon a Time Before 1900

Here, you'll meet The Old Town in H.C. Andersen's time and even further back with half-timbered structures and buildings from all over Denmark. The oldest part of The Old Town resembles a small Danish market town with houses, gardens, residences, shops, and workshops. These buildings originate from cities throughout Denmark and have been reconstructed in The Old Town.

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A Living Museum

From April onwards, you can encounter people dressed and working as in the old days throughout the year. They cook, chop wood, do handicrafts, or serve customers in the store. Stop and chat with the baker's assistant, farmhand, and street organ man, but be careful – you might be tasked with fetching water from the well or carrying waste to the dung heap.

Take a ride in the horse-drawn carriages or make a good deal in the historical shops. At Restaurant Gæstgivergården, enjoy a wide selection of warm and cold lunch dishes as well as open-faced sandwiches, all inspired by historical cookbooks. 

Special Exhibitions and Smaller Museums

Throughout the year, there are theme days, concerts, activities for children, and several special exhibitions at The Old Town. You'll also find several smaller museums.
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Practical information

Many of the streets are cobbled, so it can be difficult to get around with a pram or wheelchair.

You are allowed to bring your dog into Den Gamle By, but it is not allowed inside the houses and exhibitions.

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