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Dine at Hvidsten Kro

The inn Hvidsten Kro is known for its excellent Danish cuisine, especially the delicious bacon and chive omelette, served with their homemade coarse mustard and rye bread. At the inn, they pickle and bake their own goods, using seasonal vegetables for both the delightful lunch and the exquisite dinner.

Hvidsten Kro - A Well-Known Danish Inn with Historical Significance

Hvidsten Kro is a renowned inn in Denmark, primarily known for its historical connections to the Fiil family and the married couple Marius and Gudrun Fiil. During World War II, they actively participated in the Danish resistance group known as the Hvidsten Group, led by Marius Fiil. This significant history has also been immortalized in the film 'The Hvidsten Group.'

Hvidsten Kro also enjoys nationwide recognition for its excellent Danish cuisine. In particular, their bacon and chive omelette, served with homemade coarse mustard and rye bread, has won the hearts of many. Here, you can savor authentic Danish cuisine in a historic atmosphere.

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