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Diving in Stege Nor on Møn

Stege Nor is perfect for snorkeling and diving in couples or groups in the middle of Stege city, and is highly suited for those who want to try night diving.

You never know what to expect during a dive in the narrow waters of the Stege bay. There are many colourful fish to observe - both saltwater and freshwater fish, such as pike and perch. Stege Nor is perfect for snorkelling and diving, both in pairs and in groups. Also recommended for nightly dives.

This spot is located in the middle of the small town of Stege, where you will find good accommodation, shops and restaurants, as well as parking and public toilets right on the harbour.

Safety first
Always be aware of fishing and boat traffic when diving or snorkelling in the Stege Nor. It is recommended to use a marker buoy. You are always responsible for your own safety. Follow the rules of your diving certificate.