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The Dodecalith

THE DODECALITH - a unique and distinctive monument of impressive giant stone sculptures accompanied by music matched to the season. A MUST-SEE!

Art between sea and sky

The word DODECALITH is derived from Greek and means twelve stones. The completed work of art will comprise 12 stone figures carved from granite, each 7-9 metres tall and weighing 25-45 tonnes. The stones stand facing the centre of a circle 40 metres in diameter, and sculptor Thomas Kadziola has carved a head into the top 2 metres of each figure.

With the beautiful Småland waters on the horizon, the mind wanders easily backwards in time, and the constantly changing music accompanies viewers’ travel through the centuries against the backdrop of Lolland’s beautiful natural landscape.

On the summit

The Dodecalith is located on the crest of the “Lolland Alps" with a view of the Glentehøj burial chamber and other burial mounds from the Bronze Age. It is close to the small fishing village of Kragenæs, known for its harbour and family-friendly campsite. From the village, walk along the so-called “Hjertesti” in the forest and into the open fields beyond, where the Dodecalith and the most beautiful view of the archipelago await.

Parking is available at Kragenæs Harbour. Disabled parking bays can be found at Glentehøjvej.

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