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Dog forests in Haderslev

Bring your best friend on a trip in the forest.

In and around Haderslev you will find several dog forests, where you can walk your dog without a leash and spend a few hours in nature in the company of your best friend. The amount of facilities like fencing, toilets and tables and benches vary from place to place, but your dog will probably love a run in the forest no matter the facilities.

As in all dog forests, if your dog is running around without a leash, you must still be in full control over it - meaning, you must at all times be able to call it to you. In addition to this, your dog must not be a nuisance to others, be they people, other dogs or the wildlife in the forest. Always follow the signs on the spot.

Here, there is an overview of the dog forests in Haderslev, as well as relevant informations about each place. So put on the good shoes and get ready for a trip in the forest!

Bevtoft dog forest

  • Savværksvej 7, 6541 Bevtoft.
  • Fenced dog forest north of Plantagevej, with parking.

Lindet Skov dog forest

  • Parking at Skelvej.
  • Fenced area with pine trees at Skelvej between Arrild and Arnum. Here, you may walk your dog without a leash, of course under control and supervision.
  • See map and information here.

Stursbøl Plantation dog forest

  • Klovtoftvej, 6560 Sommersted.
  • The dog forest at Stursbøl Plantation is not fenced. It is allowed to walk your dog without a leash, but it must be under full control.
  • Lies in the northern end of the forest, bordered by Klovtoftvej and Grønnelinie.
  • See map here.

Vesterskov Hundeskov

  • Nyhavevej 11, 6100 Haderslev.
  • Here, you may walk your dog without a leash, but remember to keep it under full control.
  • Parking by Nyhavevej.
  • Se map and information here.

Stensbæk Plantage Hundeskov

  • Stensbækvej 31, 6510 Gram.
  • Fenced dog forest in Stensbæk Plantation; entrance to the dog forest by the parking lot.
  • Tables and benches as well as garbage cans.
  • See information and map here.