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Drigstrup church

Drigstrup church is consecrated to Saint Nicolaus. The church consists of a roman choir and nave and sengonian tower and porch. The Romanic building – choir and nave – is a fight on slanting plinth and has corners of stroked granite quarters.

Of the origin wall openings the south door is the only preserved one. In sengonian time the choir and nave eight ribbed cross arches was build in, and the choirs walls was also at that occasion raised to the same level as the nave.

Later, about the reformation, the low tower towards west is added.

The present altarpiece, a copy of Murillos Madonna in baroque edge is put up the year of 1924. An earlier painting from the 18. century, “The Annunciation”, is located at the door, and an even earlier Holy Communion painting is located in the church nave. The pulpit is joiner work in baroque with twisted corner pillars and a contemporary heaven, probably from 1703.

The bell is from 1722 made by Fr. Holtzmann, donated by Anna Podebusk, Lundsgaard.

At the cemetery you can find a monument of the painter Fritz Syberg and the Funen revivalist pioneer Christen Madsen.