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Dronningerunden - The Queen's Route - Cycling along the Øresund to Fredensborg Castle

Roll out along the 40 km long and fantastic Queen's Route - a 40-kilometre signposted cycling route that winds from Nivå along the Øresund coast and inland to Esrum Lake, Denmark's second-largest lake, and Fredensborg Castle. Along the way, you'll pass a string of beautiful villages, landscapes, and sights.

This cycling route is one of many signposted cycling routes in North Zealand, winding through small villages and beautiful landscapes with delightful views.

The route can start in Fredensborg or Nivå. In Nivå, you can visit, among other things, the Nivaagaard Painting Collection, which covers 500 years of art history and offers changing special exhibitions annually, as well as Nivaagaard's Brickworks Ring Oven, which is the world's oldest of its kind and an architectural testimony to Danish industrial history.

The route continues up along the coast through the picturesque fishing village of Sletten harbour before turning inland towards Fredensborg. In Fredensborg, the route passes by Fredensborg Castle and continues down to Esrum Lake and Sørup. From Sørup, the trip goes to Karlebo and further to Avderød and Kokkedal before ending in Nivå.

Experiences along the way

  • Fredensborg Castle has for many years had a special status as the most used residence of the royal couple. The beautiful 18th-century baroque castle is often the setting for dinners during official state visits and family events in the royal family. The royal family uses the castle in the summer. The castle is open to the public in July.
  • Fredensborg Castle Church is open on many Sundays and holidays of the year in connection with church services.
  • To the south lies Nivå Harbour - a popular harbour for pleasure boaters, and Nivå Beach Park offers great swimming opportunities.
  • At the Nivaagaard Collection, there is a very fine collection of Europe's great painters.
  • To the north in Humlebæk lies the Museum of Modern Art, Louisiana, which has both permanent and changing exhibitions.

Facts about the tour - Worth knowing about cycling holidays in North Zealand

  • Length: 40 km
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time: 2 hours and 40 minutes
  • Suitable for children and adults: Yes.
  • Signposted: Yes - Queen's Route.
  • Surface: Gravel 45% Asphalt: 55%
  • Toilet: Nivå Station, Nivå Harbour, and the sights on the tour.
  • Season: Best experienced from April to October
  • ATMs: In the major cities on the tour
  • Download cycle map: Queen's Route
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  • We have gathered all cycling routes in North Zealand
  • Bicycles can be taken on the Local train and S-train (Here it's free) and the Coast train Copenhagen-Helsingør (Against the purchase of a ticket)
  • Buy a cycling map of North Zealand.

Here's where you should eat:

  • Linds Kaffebar, Humlebæk
  • Caféen, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk
  • Country Market, Fredensborg
  • Skipperhuset, Fredensborg

Experiences along the way:

  • Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk
  • Fredensborg Castle and Castle Garden
  • Nivaagaard Brickworks Ring Kiln
  • Højsager and Karlebo Mill are open when the flag is raised

If you want to stay overnight:

  • Nivå Camping
  • Fredensborg Camping
  • Fredensborg Hostel
  • Fredensborg Store Kro

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