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Dybvig Habour

Dybvig Harbour is a small harbor on Fejø, with fine toilet and shower facilities. Quays were at the end of 2015 renovated so that we now can offer the sailors the best opportunities safe berthing.

Every year there are several activities at the port, among activities at the Port are the apple festival when the island celebrates at the apple harvest which the island is known for, the old wood ships arrangement where wooden ship association is having a week's event with older ships and activities associated with them.

The harbor has a nice environment. The good unpretentious atmosphere and the beautiful surroundings, gives peace to the soul and space for relaxing and socializing. Further, it is fine re-established and newly renovated Cafe Dybvig.

Fejø's nature is beautiful hilly and coastal, shallow beaches, an ideal place for families with children, the island is also known for its apple orchards. It is possible to rent bikes and if you move around the island, it is possible along the roadside to by fruit and other goodies locally produced on Fejø.

There is a slipway.