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Ebeltoft - Timber Frame Idyll and Cobble Stones

The crooked timber-framed houses, the uneven cobbled streets and the hollyhocks in flower make Ebeltoft one of the towns worthiest for visitors to see in Denmark. 

An idyllic town

Ebeltoft got its municipal charter in 1301 and thus is Djursland’s oldest market town. Sitting on a hill that slopes down to Ebeltoft Inlet, the town is full of atmosphere and very popular.
You'll find lots of small shops with handicrafts, fashion, etc. as well as excellent restaurants. In summer, the streets are often full of music or other sorts of entertainment - also at night. The old small-town atmosphere of Ebeltoft reflects a piece of Denmark's history through the centuries.

Throughout the whole year, visitors are invited to wander on their own along the cobbled Nørrebakke and Adelgade, which are business streets, as well as on Fedt Mikkels Gang by the chemist's shop, through Torvet (The Square) with the old City Hall, by Ebeltoft Church, and on Nedergade and Overgade, The surface of Overgade was laid with cut stones, whereas the rest of the street as well as the gutters were laid with of rounded natural stones. In times past, one of the town’s gates stood where Kurveleddet joins Overgade. At Strandvejen, you can still see the remains of the old tangdiger, walls of collected seaweed.

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