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Elf search at Sagaland

In Sagaland, the Santas are on summer holiday, but there are also forest elves, farm elves and a single ship elf hiding in the adventure park. Take the challenge: Who can find all 99 elves the fastest? Afterwards, you can carve and paint your very own elf to take home.

Do you know the elves? You've probably seen one at Christmas. THE CHRISTMAS ELVES: They love to party and are always in a good mood. They like to sing - very loudly and very off-key. They are off work now and are on summer holiday in Sagaland.

In Sagaland, elves come from all times and places: Here are the oldest elves: THE FARM ELVES. They look after the old knight's farm, but only if you are nice to them. They are a bit serious and a bit touchy. And they're a real tease.
The green guardians also live here: THE FOREST ELVES: They are a little shy and often hide in the trees. They are also very curious and keep an eye on everything and everyone. They make sure that no one destroys nature. And they are very strong! Occasionally, a CHURCH NISSE, a SHIP NISSE or a SETTLER NISSE will also visit.

Are you ready for a Elf Search? It's important to keep an eye out and look carefully all the way round Sagaland. There's paper to tick off and you can keep track of whether you've found all 99 gnomes. Afterwards, you can carve and paint your very own house elf to take home.

You can go elf searching every day from 10 am to 4 pm (closed on Saturdays) in Sagaland.
NB! Please note that there are more opening days than those listed below!

Simply buy an admission ticket to Sagaland and you'll have free access to the Elf search, Mystery Hunt, Horse Shows and much more all day. The ticket is also valid as a season pass, so you can come back as often as you like.