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The Emaus Church

The Emaus Church is a congregation church in Kerteminde with a branch in Dalby. The church is build in 1868 and was consecrated January the 24. 1869. It is build after the drawing made by the master builder Hansen, Svendborg.

The church is build in yellow brigs in cross forms, with jagged gables and tower.

The altarpiece is made by J.P. Bless in 1869 and represents the disciples in Emaus after the painting in Fåborg Church, made my Marstrand. There is a fine granite font.

Around the church there is a garden, in which the clerical is build.

A plaque is placed on the church wall out to the street in memory of Ole Henrik Svane from 1814-1825. he was a central person in the religious revival in Kerteminde and the surroundings. A close friend to Christian Madsen, Bregnør. (A plaque of him is placed at Drigstrup Church)