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Cozy oasis where you can enjoy Neapolitan-inspired pizzas made with fresh ingredients, small plates, tapas, Italian wine, snacks, drinks - and lots of atmosphere.

Local delights with a southern Italian touch
The pizzas are made with a cold-risen Neapolitan-style dough, which gives a fantastic base and a crispy crust.

Emilios' tapas are based on fresh, local ingredients from the beautiful Odsherred region, although the flavors can be reminiscent of the south.

With your food, you can choose from the best organic sodas, where the flavors are familiar but with an Italian twist.

Also enjoy Italian natural wines and summery drinks. There's something for everyone.

Summer events
Emilio's hosts a series of events throughout the summer. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook - and at www.emilios.dk, where you can also order online.