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The Endelave Treasure Hunt

Embark on an adventure on Endelave, the island of rabbits, with a treasure map in hand. If you can answer the fun and exciting questions during your tour around the island, you can bring home the coveted Endelave Medal.

Endelave calls all treasure hunters

Ahoy, seafarers! A treasure awaits you on Endelave. To find it, set sail for the little rabbit island in the Kattegat Sea, where surprises, adventures, challenges... and super sweet hairy islanders await you. With the treasure map in hand, you’ll be guided around the island’s cozy village, where you'll observe your surroundings and have fun along the way as you solve tasks and answer questions. Before heading back to the mainland, you can crown your efforts with a gold medal to take home as a memento.

The tour around Endelave can easily be done as a day trip. Not all pirates have a ship, but you can just hop on the Endelave Ferry, which sails regularly with several departures daily. The treasure hunt starts right where you get off the ferry.


How the treasure hunt works

  1. Print a copy of the treasure map before departure (or pick one up at Kroen Endelave).
  2. Find all the points on the treasure map and complete the tasks.
  3. Hand in the treasure map at Kroen Endelave.
  4. Receive a specially made medal as a memento of your trip.

You can see the treasure hunt route on the treasure map. If you need a bit of assistance along the way, you can follow this digital map.


Endelave is worth a visit – treasure hunt or not

Endelave is a lovely and peaceful vacation island with beautiful nature, fine beaches, and charming island atmosphere. On the treasure hunt, you’ll be in and around the small village built around the harbor. The route ensures that you pass many of the island’s central attractions such as the medicinal herb garden, the museum, the beach, the bird tower, and the inn. If you want to explore more of the island, you can rent bikes at the harbor, take the Kaninoen hiking route, or bring your car on the ferry.

On this page, you can find inspiration for experiences on the island.


Remember the ferry ticket

The Endelave Ferry sails from Snaptun on the mainland. You can book tickets for the Endelave Ferry here.


1 of 7 treasure hunts

The treasure hunt on Endelave is one of seven treasure hunts in Kystlandet. At the other six treasure hunts, you can also earn a matching medal. Will you collect the entire set... and where will your next treasure hunt take you? You can head to Tunø or Hjarnø for another island treasure hunt or visit one of the towns of Kystlandet: Horsens, Juelsminde, Brædstrup, or Odder.

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