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Enderupskov Camping close to Gram

Enderupskov Camping is an amazing place for those who wish to take a vacation or just a few days in total peace and quiet in close proximity to nature, while still having access to a wide range of activities close by.

The village Enderupskov at Gels Å between Ribe and Gram is one of the most extraordinarily beautiful natural landscapes in all of mid-South Jutland. The next-door neighbour is Enderupskov Camping, where you can rent rooms and cottages, or stay in your own caravan. Furthermore, Enderupskov Camping has facilities to host family parties or family gatherings lasting several days.

Enderupskov Camping and its buildings underwent extensive renovation in 2013, which means that all the camping facilities, rooms, cottages and the restaurant appear very nice and welcoming.

Sights in the area:

Within a radius of 5km you will find Ribe Golf Club, fishing lake, Gels Å and Gram Å, forest for dogs, mountain bike routes as well as several hiking trails. Just fifteen minutes drive from the camp site, Denmarks oldest town Ribe is located. Here you will find the famous Viking-museum, a charming cobblestone-clad pedestrian shopping street and Denmark's best preserved town centre from the middle ages.

Less than a 10 minute drive in the other direction, you will find the town of Gram where you can visit the historic Gram Castle, which offers a wide range of attractions, from a stroll in the castle park, to a visit to the Castle shop or Café, or perhaps, for the brave, a guided Ghostwalk around the castle.