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Enghavegård - farm shop at Kassebølle

Flemming and Majbritt produce their own apple juice and jams and have a large selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables in the farm shop.

From Kassebøllevej you can see the huge orchard belonging to Enghavegård. Here Flemming and Majbritt produce a very tasty cold-pressed apple juice from the many flavours found on the farm's orchard.

Depending on the season, the farm shop sells freshly dug potatoes, asparagus, rhubarb, cabbage, parsley and sweetcorn.
You'll also find peas, tomatoes and cucumber for your summer salad.

In the summer, strawberries are also sold - both as regular berries, but also berries that are perfect for jam and delicious smoothies.

Jam and marmalade

Enghavegård has its own production of jams in many different flavours. These include blackcurrant, plum, gooseberry, rhubarb, raspberry, blackcurrant, rosehip, blueberry and strawberry.


In the farm shop, you can buy real quality honey all year round - naturally also produced on Langeland.