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Enghøj Kirke

Enghøj Kirke was consecrated in November 1994 and is designed by architect Henning Larsen. The church is situated strikingly on high ground in the large scenery seen from west. The church is shaped as a processional church: A long but simple and "rigorous" room with seats in both sides of the aisle, and at the back of the church, the organ is placed. All of this are features which are found in old medieval churches. The ceiling of the church's interior is shaped over the theme church ship. The ceiling has the shape of the underside of a hull so that the keel forms a bearing rafter in the ceiling. In that way, the ceiling falls in line with ancient tradition: that a ship is kept in the church to show that the Christian church is a ship that sails through time and through life. However, Enghøj Kirke, with its modern and up-to-date achitecture, is also a building that falls in line with its own modern time