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Experience the Bike Route, Kulturringen, Across the Favrskov Region

The Kulturringen bike route crosses through the beautiful Favrskov area, and you can choose to go the entire distance, or take your pick among three lovely and shorter bike trips – from Pøt Mølle to Gudenåen (18.7 km), from Gudenåen to Laurbjerg (24.4 km), and from Laurbjerg to Clausholm (24.4 km).

Ride Your Bike From Pøt Mølle – Gudenåen

Along this route between Pøt Mølle and Gudenåen, you pass through rolling landscape as well as vast, open fields, meadow, forests, marshland and heath. The landscape holds many traces from ancient times, and people have inhabited the area ever since antiquity. The route ends at Hagenstrupvej close to Gudenåen.

Pøt Mølle is found at the base of the Pøt Mølle hill. The hill has a 9.7 percent gradient, so your legs will surely be put to the test. The beautiful river valley, Granslev Ådal, is home to very interesting historical sites, just as you will pass Frijsenborg manor by Granslev Å, which is a great trout habitat. The route cuts across the closed down Gjernbane railway, which runs from Resenbro near Silkeborg to Laurbjerg. As the car-free path has been tarmacked, it is a great and safe place to let your children ride their bikes.

Ride Your Bike From Gudenåen – Laurbjerg

Along this route, you will find yourself very close to Gudenåen and the spectacular landscape that surrounds it. Fishing there is great, and during summer, you are sure to see lots of people out on the water in canoes or kayaks.

You may want to leave your bike by the barge pullers’ path and go on a short hike that will bring you very close to the many different animal species that live around the stream. Be on the lookout for a grey heron, a kingfisher, a reed warbler, or even a nightingale.

In Ulstrup, there is a train service as well as several shopping and accommodation options.

Ride Your Bike From Laurbjerg – Clausholm

This route will take you through the towns of Hadsten and Laurbjerg, where you will find several nice options if you are looking for shopping or accommodation. You will cross the Lilleåen stream, which is the habitat of some of the most reproductive stocks of trout in all of Denmark. On the way, you will come past beautiful manors such as Bidstrup Gods and Favrskov, which did in fact lend its name to the entire area.

If you are into model railways, we highly recommend that you pay a visit to Modelbane Europa in Hadsten, while you are in the area. And you do not want to miss the magnificent Clausholm Slot castle dating back to the 1690s, which is situated in a perfectly laid out and authentic baroque castle park.

• Start: Østergade 2, Laurbjerg
• Finish: Clausholmvej 312
• Distance: 24.4 km
• Map: See the route on a map
• The course of the route: You go on the marked off bike route, Kulturringen, the whole way
• For more information: The bike route, Kulturringen

Please Note: Fishing License

If you would like to go fishing along the way, remember to visit www.fiskekort.dk in order to obtain a licence.