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With its successful combination of fascinating cultural history and great contemporary cultural experiences, the old Horsens State Penitentiary attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year. Visit the popular museum, participate in large and small events or try spending the night behind bars.

Join us behind the walls

Do you need to put your own life into perspective? Then visit the Prison in Horsens and learn about and sense the thought-provoking stories that unfolded here. Because the PRISON commands your attention.

For most people, life behind prison walls is an unknown, closed world. However, at Fussingsvej in Horsens, hard work is undertaken every day to open it up, creating an energised and active atmosphere. You are invited inside to gain a unique insight into prison life. And the minute you drive through the gates, you see it. That everything is still where it was when it was Horsens State Penitentiary.

But the Prison in Horsens is more than rough walls, prison yards and cell blocks. It is a five-branch enterprise comprising of a museum, conference venue, youth hostel, events and home to entrepreneurs as well as commercial lettings. All branches work based on a mission to create experiences beyond the ordinary and to be a beacon in Horsens that helps to make the city something special.


Visit the award-winning museum

The Prison Museum lets you get really close to life behind bars. Listen to the stories of the prisoners and the grim and fascinating stories from the more than 150-year history of the prison. See the incredible escape tunnel of the famous escapee Carl August Lorentzen and visit the old cells where the lives of the inmates unfolded.

Learn more about the Prison Museum on this website.


A host of events all year round

The PRISON calendar is packed with very different events. The venue is known for mega events and stadium concerts. The walls have already resounded with major, international artists such as Metallica, Foo Fighters, Rammstein and Aerosmith. However, concerts are also held in the prison yard with well-known Danish names. You can also participate in festivals such as Horsens Medieval Festival (Denmark's largest), a large Christmas market with 200 stalls and the music festival Jailbreak. In the course of the year, lectures and several events for children are also held.


Spend the night behind bars

Today, the old prison infirmary has been converted into a hostel. At SleepIn FÆNGSLET you can enjoy the unique experience of sleeping in a real prison cell. Naturally, it has been refurbished to meet your needs but the authenticity is still palpable - and then you get to take a good story home.


Enjoy a meal at FÆNGSLET

When you visit FÆNGSLET, you should treat yourself at the café, Brasseriet FÆNGSLET. You can enjoy delicious dishes prepared in the historic setting. And you can visit the café without paying an entrance fee. It is worth a visit in itself.


A unique setting for conferences and meetings

FÆNGSLET has many rooms that can be rented by both companies and individuals. There is plenty of room and a competent staff who will help put organise the perfect event.

FÆNGSLET has room for everything: Teambuilding in the Prison Yard, meetings in the Goal with group rooms in the cells, the presentation of the next big campaign in the Old Cell or the photography of a new product in the unpolished framework of the Joinery.