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Falkecenter Samsø

At Falkecenter Samsø you can come close to the majestic eagles, the alluring owls, the fast falcons and the clever hawks.  At Falkecenter Samsø the birds of prey and the visitor is the focus point. You will get no closer to nature than here!

Here you are drawn into a world of predators which appears in the wild and you sit in the front row and can enjoy nature and animals in their ultimate freedom.

Birds of prey have always impressed man and recalled the feeling of freedom. A freedom that is being demonstrated fully when the big eagles unfolds their magnificent wings. The eagle is the national bird of several countries and the epitome of freedom.

Sitting there, fascinated by the big birds, you are suddenly awakened by the rush of the falcon, which quickly takes high altitude and plummets towards the ground in an impressive and breathtaking pace. Meanwhile the big old owl sees it all. The owl is the symbol of wisdom and can become older than most people. Come and say hello to the amazing birds.

Here you have the opportunity to hold one of the birds. It’s not every day you have the opportunity to stand with an eagle with a wingspan of 2.3 meters on your hand!

In short: Here are experiences for people of all ages!