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Family trip to Flyvesandet

Take the family on a cozy trip to the northernmost point of Funen at Flyvesandet Beach with sand, water, forest, and adventures!

  • Go on a wonderful trip to Flyvesandet, where you'll find both forest and beach, along with a bird tower,
  • Pack a picnic and make a quick stop at Egeby Frugtplantage to bring some treats for your meal.
  • Embark on a nature tale adventure and rescue the dragon at the world's end.
  • Conclude the trip by visiting one or more of the farm shops and purchasing more delicious items to take home.

Pack a tasty picnic and bring a blanket, towel, and swimwear (depending on weather and season) before heading to Flyvesandet.

On the way there, make a quick stop at fruit orchard Egeby Frugtplantage and buy delicious apple juice, cider, cherries, apples, or pears, depending on the season and your preferences – this way, you'll have the world's best picnic and some cozy moments in the evening.

Flyvesandet is the only place on Nordfyn with sand dunes, as the name suggests. Today, beach plants grow on the soft sand dunes, creating a lovely walking experience. Enjoy a stroll on the paths and walk to the bird tower, where you can see the magnificent view of the sea all the way to Samsø and observe the many birds in the nature reserve at Agernæs.

Embark on a true adventure and help the troll woman Sigrid save the dragon at the world's end, who is being chased by sinister dragon hunters. On the journey, you'll visit different stations along a 1.5 km trail. You can find the adventure of Flyvesandet on the free app Natureventyr, which you can download.

The beach

If the weather allows, you can enjoy a lovely swim or maybe just dip your toes – it's a nice child-friendly and shallow sandy beach that holds the Blue Flag.

Along the beach, you can also find fairy lights and amber, the only place on Nordfyn, so take a good look around in seaweed and stones as you walk along the beach.

Spread out the blanket on the beach or one of the soft dunes in the grass and enjoy the picnic.

Deliciacies to go

When everyone is pleasantly tired after a good day, you can make a quick stop at a couple of farm shops on the way and buy treats for dinner. If you live near Hasmark, for example, you'll pass by Egeby, Fjordvang, and Poul Eriks Gårdbutik, and near Otterup, you'll find Kærsgaard and Glade Grønsager. If you're heading back to Bogense, on the other hand, you'll pass by Egeby and Grøntboden on Odensevej.

→ See all the farm shops here!

Practical info


There is a large parking lot at Flyvesandsvej 38, 5450 Otterup, right at the tip of Flyvesandet. You'll reach the parking lot directly when driving up Flyvesandsvej.


There is a publicly accessible toilet near a spot in the forest next to the beach. You can see the toilet's location here via udinaturen.dk. The toilet is open from April 1 to September 15.