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Feriepartner Hvide Sande

Feriepartner Hvide Sande is a 100% local, association-owned rental agency for holiday homes in and around the town of Hvide Sande. If your holiday is on the Danish west coast, click through and see, for example, a holiday apartment in the center of the harbour, a house on Langsand, a houseboat, or a cosy summer house in the dunes south or north of the city.

Hvide Sande has it all. Some of our guests are anglers and others take advantage of the fantastic opportunities to surf, kite and practice all kinds of other water sports. Most people come here because of the North Sea, the beautiful, open beaches and the magnificent nature of western Jutland. At Feriepartner Hvide Sande, we make a living by mediating and renting out private Danes’ summer houses and holiday homes. Our portfolio includes a large number of classic holiday homes as well as a number of newly built rental properties and apartments. Regardless of whether you are looking for a cosy summer house in Bjerregaard, Skodbjerge, Haurvig, Aargab or Lyngvig or if you would like to live within walking distance of the shops and the harbour centrally in Hvide Sande, we can find you the right match.

-We look forward to helping you.