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Feriepartner Jammerbugt

Feriepartner Jammerbugt has a large selection of holiday homes in a region that is a fantastic holiday destination with 55 km of coastline.

We rent well located quality houses at Lild Strand, Thorup Strand, Kollerup Strand, Slettestrand and Tranum Strand and offer space for the whole family to be seduced by the great beauty of nature and to create holiday experiences that can be combined with excellent outdoor activities as well.

We have seven Feriepartner offices in North Jutland: Thy, Jammerbugt, Blokhus, Løkken, Lønstrup, Tversted and Øster Hurup. At Feriepartner Jammerbugt we value personal contact, good quality, a high level of service and a "better experience" for the customer.

Feriepartner Jammerbugt is a member of the Feriepartner Denmark chain, which with its offices represents some of the most attractive holiday homes in Denmark.