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Filskov Hjertesti - Take a walk on the beautiful heart path near Billund

A Heart Trail is a marked exercise route, where signs along the route bear the logo of The Heart Foundation. The trail can be used all day and by everyone. Enjoy the trail!

Start at the parking lot close to Filskov Kro and continue to the facility with playground and tables and benches. The trail continues past two small lakes.Note the memorial stone for the oldest burial ground in Filskov.The Heart Trail crosses "the crooked path", an old railway, from where the route can be extended by 1 km, which provide an opportunity to see the
cenotaph of two fallen English pilots from World War II. Then the trail continues past a nursing home (Friplejehjemmet) and Filskov Church into a newly planted forest and past a marsh area which leads back to the town. 
If you have questions about The Heart Trails, activities and the like, you are welcome to contact the local association Billund.